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Jeff Duncan Endorses Ted Cruz




U.S. Senator Ted Cruz‘s “First in the South” campaign got a big boost this week when it received the endorsement of fiscal conservative champion Jeff Duncan.  Arguably the most consistent pro-freedom, pro-free market member of South Carolina’s entire congressional delegation, Duncan said Cruz was “a candidate who has a record that matches their rhetoric and a history of following through on their word.”

“Ted doesn’t just talk about the Constitution, he’s lived it and defended it tirelessly,” Duncan added.  “I believe Ted’s record sets him apart on this race and it is why I am proud to support him for President of the United States.”

Cruz hailed Duncan as “a tremendously important voice for freedom and a champion for conservative principles.”

“He has fought tirelessly to repeal Obamacare, to stop Obama’s lawlessness and to protect life and marriage,” Cruz said.

Obviously that last line is a nod to the contentious same-sex marriage debate that raged in the Palmetto State in the fall of 2014.

We disagreed with Cruz and Duncan on that issue – arguing government has no role in the marriage business to begin with (be it banning or sanctioning either gay, straight or plural marriage).

Still, Duncan has carved out an almost unimpeachable record on the fiscal issues – and liberty issues – that matter most to us.  And while we’ve already offered our own endorsement in the “First in the South” primary, his is a very credible endorsement.

Of interest?  Sources close to Duncan tell us he is very much considering a run for governor of South Carolina in 2018 – a prospect we speculated on previously.

We’ll be sure to keep our readers updated on his status … and other 2018 machinations.