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Letter: On “Predatory Policing”



Dear Editor,

As related to your stories about “predatory policing,” the police departments and officers receive awards for meeting certain DUI arrest levels (see links below).

Officers Honored for DUI Enforcement Efforts (SCDPS)
SCDPS Honors Counties That Help Enforce DUI Laws (WPDE)
Midlands Police Officers Recognized For DUI Enforcement Efforts (Patch)
Irmo (S.C.) Police Officer Fired For Violating Policy (WIS)

I’ve heard that these awards come with grants of equipment and other “in kind” awards.  Presumably the arrests and traffic stops still count towards quotas and awards even if the cases themselves are later dropped.  These programs create the wrong kinds of incentives for police departments and officers who should be upholding the law, not using it under false pretenses.

I hope FITS and other news outlets begin to look into these programs.

Keep up the good work,

Bill Allen
Lexington, S.C.


sic speaking

Bill: Excellent perspective. Thank you for submitting this information – and these links.  We’re committed to advancing legislation that does away with quotas for speeding tickets and DUI arrests.  We also oppose primary seat belt enforcement – albeit on libertarian grounds.  Unnecessary stops endanger officers – and citizens.  We believe law enforcement is a core function of government and should be funded accordingly … we should not force cops to fund themselves via quotas.

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