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Jeb Bush Cancels Early State Ad Buys




The once front-running campaign of former Florida governor Jeb Bush is cancelling more than $3 million in television advertising in early-voting Iowa and South Carolina.

“It’s instead increasing direct voter contact with a total of 60 additional staffers,” reported The Des Moines Register.

Really?   So to recap: Bush is now freeing up television money for staff … after a previous staff downsizing aimed at freeing up more money for television.

Hmmm …

“The Bush camp also said it plans to increase its advertising on conservative talk radio stations in South Carolina, a cheaper, lower-profile and less effective way to reach GOP base voters,” a follow-up report by The Washington Post added.

Here’s the problem: GOP base voters simply aren’t buying what Bush is selling.

The Right to Rise PAC – which has pumped millions of dollars into Bush’s presidential bid – has been running commercials in early-voting states (including South Carolina) for months.  And this spending has utterly failed to lift Bush’s numbers.

According to the latest aggregate polling data from Real Clear Politics, Bush is currently polling at 7.3 percent in the Palmetto State.  That fifth-place showing is above his mid-October nadir of 5.5 percent but well below his spring 2015 peak of 17.7 percent.  In Iowa, Bush is currently polling at 4.8 percent – also in fifth place – and in New Hampshire he’s polling at 7.8 percent, putting him in sixth place.

The Right to Rise PAC says it is spending $3.6 million in Iowa between now and February 1 – the date of the Iowa Caucus.  It also plans to spend another $15 million in New Hampshire and South Carolina, which hold their primary elections later that month.

That’s money down the drain as far as we’re concerned …

Like Wisconsin governor Scott Walker – the other early “Republican” frontrunner – Bush has seen his ambitions vaporized by the populist, politically incorrect insurgency of Donald Trump.

The only difference between the two “Trumped” establishment politicians?  Walker recognized his futile position months ago – and acted accordingly.

We asked a national operative what they thought Bush’s ad cancellations meant.

“The end,” the operative told us.  “The establishment has settled on Marco the pool boy as their candidate.  Bush and the others will soon fall aside to give him a clear shot.”

We agree.

Before the first votes have even been cast, 2016 is shaping up into a battle between Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.