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Bull Street? More Like Bullsh*t …




For years, this website has railed against the government-run Bull Street redevelopment in downtown Columbia, S.C. – a project pushed by corrupt city mayor Steve Benjamin.

This boondoggle – already set to deprive taxpayers of more than $70 million – represents everything that’s wrong with government, as not a penny of its massive price tag goes toward anything resembling a core function of government.

Exhibit A?  A government-subsidized baseball stadium that’s receiving $30 million of its $37 million price tag from taxpayers (all to host a friggin’ single-A farm team).

All while critical infrastructure gets short shrift …

Anyway, since the mainstream media in Columbia, S.C. is totally in the tank for this project – the only real coverage of its excesses has come from local alternative media.  In fact one of those outlets recently provided an update on its progress – and not surprisingly, it’s not good.

“While the ballpark is on schedule to open in April 2016, a visit to Bull Street Common makes it apparent that the stadium is well ahead of any other major development on the site,” reporter Chris Trainor of The (Columbia, S.C.) Free Times recently noted.

“More than a year ago, developer Bob Hughes said he had at least forty retail and business entities committed to locating on the Bull Street site,” Trainor added.  “However, as of December 7 those businesses had not been disclosed.”

Shocker, right?

Oh … and guess what else: Howard Duvall, a recently elected City of Columbia, S.C. councilman who campaigned as a fierce critic of this fleecing of the taxpayers, has apparently been co-opted by Hughes, the developer who is getting rich off of all this taxpayer-provided largesse.

After meeting with Hughes just days after his November election, Duvall now says he is “very impressed” with the developer’s vision.  In fact all of a sudden he’s become a leading proponent of the project.

What a joke …

Taxpayers in Columbia, S.C. literally don’t stand a chance.  What the Thugocracy wants, the Thugocracy takes.  Although sadly that’s not much different from state or federal government, is it?