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SC “Public” Education: Epic Failure Gets You A $165,000 Payday




We were encouraged to see headlines out of Jasper County, S.C. this week informing us that local government education czarina Vashti Washington‘s contract had been terminated.

The leader of the worst government-run school district in South Carolina – Washington has consistently produced abysmal academic results, yet each year she’s been rewarded with pay raises and contract renewals.

Not this year, though …

After a two-hour closed-door session (ummm … where’s the transparency?), Jasper County terminated its contract with Washington effective December 31, 2015.  Of course because this is South Carolina, where documented bureaucratic incompetence commands a soft landing, Washington isn’t actually losing her job.

In fact she’s signed a one-year deal to serve as a consultant with the district – drawing a $165,000 salary and full benefits.

Unreal …

As we’ve said repeatedly, crap like this would never be tolerated in the private sector.  There if you fail – you’re fired.  That’s how it should be in government, too.  Instead it’s “the more you fail, the more you make.”