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PC Insanity Goes Full Retard




In commenting on the rash of political correctness on college campuses, we recently noted how the spoiled, entitled punks running amok with government-guaranteed loans at publicly subsidized institutions were missing the mark when it comes to real “justice.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. and others risked their lives for the right to vote, etc.  To not get lynched,” we wrote.  “They did not launch a movement so that privileged brats could go from cradle to grave without anyone saying mean things about them or violating their ‘safe space.'”

Damn right …

About the “lynching” thing, though.  PC insanity took a quantum leap forward this week when students at Lebanon Valley College – a private, liberal arts school in Pennsylvania – demanded administrators rename a facility christened after former school president Clyde A. Lynch.

Why? Because the guy’s last name is the same as “lynch,” the term used for the extrajudicial execution of blacks during Jim Crow.

(Hold up … does this PC insanity also extend to the head of the U.S. Department of Justice?)

Anyway …

“This sort of epic stupidity is of course the logical outcome of college administrators consistently pandering to the inane demands of college cry bullies nationwide,” wrote Michael Krieger of the website Liberty Blitzkrieg. “No adults are holding these out of control child-fascists accountable for their despicable behavior.  As such, these tyrants-in-training are getting more out of control every day, and getting away with it. Thank you college administrators.”

We concur.  PC insanity has officially gone full retard …