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SC MSM Blast Government School Secrecy



Prior to the Christmas break FITS reported on the latest drama surrounding Jasper County, S.C.’s government-run school system – which is the worst-performing district in the worst-performing state in America.

Not to mention one of its most corrupt … 

In our report we noted how district leaders recently conducted a closed-door “performance evaluation” of corrupt superintendent Vashti Washington – prior to negotiating in secret to give her a one-year contract extension and a $15,000 bonus on top of her $165,000 a year salary.  Nothing was put in writing – and the closed door “evaluation” was part of a deliberate effort to evade the state’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

“And these educrats have the audacity to attack the accountability of free market schools?” we wrote.

This week, the local mainstream media – which has been asleep at the wheel on this story – finally piped up and offered a modest rebuke of the district’s secretive tactics.

According to an editorial published in The (Hilton Head, S.C.) Island Packet, the district’s secrecy “adds to the frustration for those seeking more tangible signs of improvement in the schools, and more accountability.”

“School leaders seem to be hunkering down in a ‘we vs. they’ mode, when they should be welcoming with open arms all signs of interest in the schools,” the editorial continues. “It appears that the board has bought into the superintendent’s bogus argument that the district’s back-to-back ‘F’ grades on federal accountability standards have ‘no meaning’ and are based on ‘bad data.'”

Good …

It’s about time this state’s mainstream media stopped covering for corrupt government-run school leaders like Washington – and the elected officials who enable them.