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SC Establishment “Republican” Wants To Take Out Donald Trump




Having run the presidential campaign of former Texas governor Rick Perry into the ground not once but twice, Katon Dawson has some time on his hands these days.  And having tried and failed to get hired by several other 2016 presidential campaigns, the one-time auto parts salesman (and “whites only” country club member) has apparently decided to do his own thing.

According to NBC, Dawson is “beginning discussions with GOP donors to start raising money for a new super PAC to take on Donald Trump” in South Carolina, which hosts the “First in the South” presidential primary in February.

Dawson told NBC’s Perry Bacon, Jr. that he is “looking to raise more than $2 million to fund an effort that would include television ads but also on-the- ground efforts to highlight Trump’s controversial remarks, more liberal positions on some issues and to raise doubts about Trump’s ability to win the general election.”

The effort would also seek to pin the blame on Trump for “Republican” losses in Congress.

“It’s about telling the story of what it will look like if he’s our nominee, ‘this is how many (GOP) congressmen will lose if Trump is the nominee,'” Dawson told Bacon.

Really?  Because “Republicans” in Congress have made such a difference, right?

Assuming he’s successful in raising money, Dawson wants to start attacking Trump in earnest – and continue attacking him through until primary day.

“You have to really start coming after him the last two weeks of November, then December, then (stay) on message in January,” he said.

Dawson’s anti-Trump efforts were ridiculed by one GOP operative.

“He tried to pimp himself to every viable candidate and after what everyone saw he did to Perry they all ran the other way … fast,” the operative told FITS.  “So how do you make it as a political consultant with no talent and no clients?  Start a PAC and fleece donors so you can pay yourself.”

“He’ll fleece you harder than North Face,” the operative added.


Not everyone in the “Republican” establishment in South Carolina is anti-Trump.  As we reported earlier this week former Tea Party leader turned Newt Gingrich supporter Allan Olson is supporting Trump’s candidacy.

Also the vast majority of the state’s institutional “Republican” politicians remain on lockdown because the state’s senior U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham remains in the race … sort of.