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Lindsey Graham’s Presidential Campaign Hits A New Low




Liberal U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham‘s presidential campaign is an increasingly bad joke – but we’ve known that for months now. In fact, it’s high-water mark was the day he announced.

Yet inexplicably, Graham presses on …

Despite drawing less than four percent support in his home state – and getting booed lustily when actual contenders call him out on his liberal record in his own backyard – Graham perseveres.

And while he’s not even strong enough to play spoiler in South Carolina, he is freezing out much of the state’s political establishment – which is comprised of squishes who doesn’t want to anger a sitting U.S. Senator with five years left on his term (not to mention an itching inferiority complex).

So we suppose he’s having some impact …

Anyway, in the latest example of his ongoing national irrelevance Graham barely qualified for a “Republican” undercard debate this week when he drew one percent support in a late-breaking CNN/ ORC poll (.pdf here).

This anemic showing allowed Graham to (barely) make the stage of the so-called “junior varsity” debate scheduled to air October 28 on CNBC.

Yeah that’s right … Lindsey Graham got one percent.  In one poll.

Yay, right?

Forget qualifying for the main stage at any of these “Republican” debates, Graham is fighting for his life just to stay on the undercard.

It’s time for this embarrassment to end.  Lindsey Graham needs to drop out of the 2016 race – now.