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Nikki Haley Supports Spartanburg “Resettlement” Scam




|| By FITSNEWS || S.C. governor Nikki Haley supports a controversial government-funded refugee “resettlement program” in Spartanburg, S.C. – one that’s likely to stick taxpayers there with huge long-term bills.  The program – which we exposed in this post – is funded by the U.S. State Department.  Once the refugees arrive in the Palmetto State, though, it is up to state and local governments to provide them with a wide range of services.

That’s apparently not a problem for Haley, though.  After weeks of ignoring the issue – and dodging repeated calls from state lawmakers – the governor finally weighed in this week.

Her view?  Accept the refugees … and screw the taxpayers.

“These people are in danger of losing their lives in their home countries for things such as aiding U.S. troops as translators or guides, membership of a religious minority, or regional war or genocide,” Haley wrote in a letter to lawmakers.

Really?  And that imposes an affirmative obligation on South Carolina taxpayers to subsidize their existence?  At a time when our own citizens are struggling to keep their own heads above water?

Ridiculous … in fact it’s every bit as ridiculous as our military personnel being sent to a lot of these countries in the first place.

Nonetheless, Haley is fine with the program … which is being administered in the Palmetto State by her scandal scarred Department of Social Services (SCDSS).

“We cannot allow fear to erode America’s place in the world as accepting of immigrants who chose to come legally and contribute as citizens,” she wrote.

The governor’s response differs dramatically from that of U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy – who demanded a halt to the resettlement while local taxpayers were provided with answers to specific questions about the obligations it would impose.

Gowdy’s stance drew praise from limited government activists at the national and state level.

“Trey Gowdy gets tremendous credit for rebuking the open borders push in Spartanburg,” Bill Wilson of the group Americans for Limited Government wrote in a letter to the editor of Premium News Network.

Wilson knows previous resettlement campaigns couched as “evangelical” efforts have in reality been front groups for liberal campaigns like the National Immigration Forum – a group that’s received funding from organizations affiliated with billionaire liberal financier George Soros.

In fact one of the groups receiving funding from Soros – the so-called “Evangelical Immigration Table” – has a South Carolina presence.

World Relief – the group orchestrating this resettlement – received $38.8 million of its $56.8 million budget from government grants, according to 2012 data.  That’s nearly seventy percent of its budget.

We explicitly reject the use of federal tax dollars – routed through liberal foundations – to impose long-term obligations on South Carolina taxpayers.

If faith-based organizations wish to host legal immigrants on their own dime, that’s great – but their activities cannot be subsidized by government revenue.

“Faith-based compassion is a wonderful thing, but just as one’s religious beliefs shouldn’t be imposed on another without consent … neither should taxpayer obligations based on those beliefs,” we wrote.


UPDATE: Haley blasted for her position …