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Indoctrination Nation … Christianity Edition?




|| By FITSNEWS ||  This website has repeatedly railed against the indoctrination of students at government-run schools.  Although typically the indoctrination we’re railing against involves the attempted deification of leftist leaders like U.S. president Barack Obama.

Hell, we know of several South Carolina government-run schools which teach children Spanish via the Reggaetron “Obama” remix.

Pure indoctrination …

In Texas, however, one government educracy is facing criticism for indoctrination of another sort. Specifically, it’s getting called out for misattributing quotes to famous leaders in an effort to push Christianity on its students …

A public school district in Eastern Texas is under fire amid allegations it made up quotes by famous figures in order to promote Christianity to its students, posting them to the walls of the four schools in the district. The Mount Vernon Independent School District is accused of misattributing quotes to George Washington and Ronald Reagan among others and faces demands to remove the false statements from its walls.

Yeah … that’s every bit as wrong …

The simple solution here?  Stop the failed charade of government-run education.  Period.  Put parents in charge of the tax dollars they spend on education – so they can control how (or if) their children are indoctrinated.

Assuming this reform were coupled with tax breaks for companies (large and small) providing scholarships to low-income students – we’d be looking at the basis of a competitive, responsive, results-driven marketplace – not the increasingly costly, increasingly ineffective government monopoly we’re dealing with now.

Especially in dumb-as-dirt South Carolina.