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Nikki Haley Got No Confederate Flag Emails?



|| By FITSNEWS || S.C. governor Nikki Haley‘s office used to delete its emails Hillary Clinton-style … until it got busted.

Is she up to her old tricks again?

According to Buzzfeed, “Haley’s office said that she didn’t send or receive any e-mails related to the Confederate flag after a gunman killed nine people at Charleston’s historic Emanuel AME Church.”

Wait … what?

That’s right.  Buzzfeed sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to Haley’s office seeking emails on the Confederate flag, only to be informed curtly by Haley’s chief legal counselor Swati Patel that “our office does not possess records responsive to your request.”


Hmmm ….

We wonder.  Did Buzzfeed FOIA her “little engine that could” email, too?  Or what about her personal Yahoo! account (which the founding editor of this website used to light up back in the day).


Under the state’s public records law Haley is required to “cooperate with the (S.C. Department of Archives and History) … to establish and maintain an active, continuing program for the economical and efficient management of the records of the agency or subdivision.”

Not only that, Haley is required to “deliver to (her) successor, or if there is none, to the Archives, all public records in (her) custody.”

Is she doing that?

Sure doesn’t seem like it.  In fact it looks as though the most “transparent administration in South Carolina history” is once again being decidedly anti-transparent.

Seriously … which is it?  Did Haley honestly not receive one single email related to the most polarizing issue to hit South Carolina politics in more than a decade (since the last flag flap)?

Or did the second-term governor  – who was reportedly “stung” by the Facebook hate against U.S. president Barack Obama – engage in an effort to sanitize her inbox, hoping to paint a better picture for the fawning national media?

Hmmm …

Deleting emails is obviously nothing new for Haley.

She’s done it before – and after – her 2011 scandal.

During her 2010 campaign, Haley invoked a legislative exemption to keep her taxpayer-funded emails, computer records and public phone records private after she was accused of having two extramarital affairs. Months later, she conducted a positively Nixonian release of mostly spam emails – refusing to let the press have access to the vast majority of her taxpayer-funded correspondence or her government-funded computer hard drives.

She still hasn’t released any of that information, by the way …

Haley also refused to release emails related to the 2012 whitewash of serious ethical violations leveled against her – allegations we believe remain the biggest stumbling block to her national aspirations.

UPDATE: Ruh-roh, governor …

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