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SC Drought Warnings



|| By FITSNEWS || Things aren’t “Cali bad,” but drought conditions are beginning to appear in the Palmetto State according to the S.C. Department of Natural Resources (SCDNR).

Twenty-eight of the state’s forty-six counties recently had their drought status upgraded from normal to “incipient” – which means it’s been awhile since they’ve gotten needed rainfall.

Take a look …

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(Map: via SCDNR)

“According to reports from the Pee Dee, there are some areas that haven’t received any rain in three to four weeks,” the agency said. “Corn in those areas has been continuously stressed under the recent scorching heat. Even though a few areas are receiving scattered storms, the coverage is limited. Very few pockets have received any significant rainfall.”

Having recently driven through these very regions of the state, our founding editor Will Folks can confirm corn crops are “looking rough.”

“They need rain,” he said, referring to farmers.  “They also need a congressional delegation that’s not selling them down the river on Obamatrade.”