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CSOL Video Leaked




|| By FITSNEWS || A video of the Charleston School of Law (CSOL) founders’ impassioned plea to keep their school open has been leaked to the web.

In the leaked clip, school founders Robert S. Carr and George C. Kosko are seen explaining the “dire situation” facing the private, for-profit institution – which has seen its sale to another private, for-profit entity, InfiLaw, held up by state regulators.

“People still do not understand the dire situation of the school,” says Carr, reading from a prepared statement.  “It is as dire as it has ever been.”

That’s true …

The founders also make plain that the “false hope” given students, faculty and staff by former owner Ed Westbrook is just that … false.

“There are no suitors, no white knights, no group of investors, no state colleges, no private colleges – either profit or non-profit – seeking the law school,” Carr says. “As we have said for almost two years now, InfiLaw is – and always has been – the only viable option for the survival of the school.”

In other words … exactly what we wrote last week.

“We are reaching the final hour,” Carr added. “It did not have to be this way – but this is the way it is.”

Take a look …

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This whole situation is so sad … and so unnecessary.

As we’ve stated from the beginning of this drama, government has no business blocking  – or threatening to block – transactions between two private companies.

This deal should have gone through months ago, and the fact that it didn’t is likely going to cost the city of Charleston, S.C. dozens of free market jobs and tens of millions of dollars in non-governmental economic impact.

Unless of course some common sense prevails … and that right quickly.