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SC Gas Price Update




|| By FITSNEWS || At $2.20 cents per gallon of regular unleaded, South Carolina has the cheapest gasoline in America at the moment … although before we start celebrating, that’s up from around $2.00 per gallon earlier this year.

And further increases are likely …

Oh, and remember: Even though gas prices in the Palmetto State have always been low … our people have always been dirt poor.  Meaning they pay more of what they make on gas than citizens in other states.  How much more?  According to the latest data, only Mississippians and West Virginians pay a greater chunk of their income on fuel costs.

Hardly the sort of company to be keeping, huh?

Anyway …

South Carolina’s rising gas prices come amid a debate in the S.C. General Assembly over whether to raise the state’s gas tax.  Except it’s not much of a debate, really.  “Republicans” in the legislature seem intent on ramming a tax hike through over the objections of governor Nikki Haley – who also wants to raise the tax, albeit with what she claims is a bigger offsetting tax cut.

Of course Haley’s objections may not matter … as lawmakers appear to be on the verge of passing a “veto proof” tax hike, a levy which would have the support of more than two-thirds of both “Republican-controlled” chambers.

Amazing, right?  All this in the most “conservative” state in the nation …

This website has repeatedly voiced our opposition to such a tax hike … arguing there’s more than enough money to properly maintain roads and bridges if state lawmakers would stop blowing billions of dollars each year on stuff that’s not core to the functioning of government.

Unfortunately the mainstream media has bought the big government spin … hook, line and sinker.  They bemoan the state’s crappy, costly roads … but they never tell the second part of the story: Which is that these roads could be fixed if politicians simply prioritized spending and stopped approving totally unnecessary projects.

Bottom line?  With no pressure to do the right thing, politicians will always do the wrong thing …

And every motorist in South Carolina is about to pay the price …