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SC: Big Bad Budget Week




|| By FITSNEWS || The S.C. House of Representatives will begin debate this month on the Palmetto State’s FY 2015-16 budget.  And yes, it once again will be the biggest budget in state history … by a country mile.

How big?  We don’t have a number just yet, but the executive budget submitted earlier this year by “conservative” S.C. governor Nikki Haley has set the bar at $25.7 billion.  For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a whopping $590 million more than lawmakers appropriated last spring for the current fiscal year – which ends on June 30.

And that budget was a billion dollars bigger than the one from the previous year … which was a billion dollars bigger than the one from the year before that … and so on … and so on …

Yet these politicians whine about having a “revenue problem?”  And say they need to raise taxes to pay for it?  Please …

So … how was Haley’s budget received?

Not well … at least not by those watching out for taxpayers’ bottom line.

“Two of the most pressing issues in South Carolina today are school funding/ reform and the state’s broken road funding system,” an analysis of Haley’s budget prepared by the S.C. Policy Council, a libertarian-leaning think tank.  “Haley has attempted to address both of these problems in more or less the same way: By dumping more money into them.”

That’s sad … but not surprising seeing as Haley vetoed less than one-tenth of one percent of last year’s status quo spending plan.  She has also adopted fiscally liberal positions on government-run education funding and spending on government-subsidized health care.

And this one time “Tea Partier” wants to lecture lawmakers about not being “fiscally conservative?”  Please …

Still we expect lawmakers to outdo Haley.  How come?  Well, the top two legislative budget writers (S.C. House ways and means chairman Brian White and Senate president/ finance chairman Hugh Leatherman) are both more liberal than the governor … and they wield tremendous influence over lemming-like rank-and-file members, who care only about getting reelected and carving some pork for themselves.

Which means we could be looking at a $26 billion spending plan by the time it’s all said and done …

What a waste …

South Carolina’s economy – never all that hot to begin with – will never consistently create jobs and raise incomes if government keeps sucking up all the revenue growth.  It’s just that simple … as our state’s recent history has proven.

But rather than embracing bold tax relief in lieu of new spending, our status quo politicians (Haley included) are pursuing the demonstrably failed fiscal policy of chasing good money after bad.

It’s been said doing the same thing with the expectation of a different result is the “definition of insanity,” but Palmetto politicians aren’t insane … they know they can get away with it.