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Iowa: Donald Trump Is Staffing Up




|| By FITSNEWS || Billionaire real estate mogul and reality TV star Donald Trump is getting serious in early-voting Iowa – hiring one of the state’s top political talents to manage his 2016 political aspirations in the state.

According to nationally syndicated talk show host Steve Deace, Trump has hired Chuck Laudner – described by Deace as “the top conservative organizer” in the state.

“Laudner’s resume is impeccable, including Rick Santorum’s upset win in Iowa four years ago,” Deace reported.  “Laudner is very selective about who he goes to work for, and not the mercenary type.  So even though Trump is willing to pay top dollar, that alone wouldn’t be enough to get Laudner to say no to the other options he had on the table.”

Including Santorum, presumably …

“Translation: Trump is going to make a serious play for the presidency after all, because there’s no way Laudner would sign on to a dog-and-pony show,” Deace concluded.

Trump paid his second visit in as many months to early voting South Carolina last weekend … receiving a replica Revolutionary War musket from The Citadel Republican Society in Charleston, S.C.  “The Donald” recently told Fox News his presidential interest was “much more than five” on a scale of one to ten.  He has also said he intends to announce his decision no later than June of this year.