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Letter: Local Postmaster “Goes Postal” On Family




Dear Editor: The Chapin Postmaster General is discriminating against our disabled son.  He would rather our son get killed trying to get the mail than to have our carrier simply turn around in our yard to safely deliver the mail to our mailbox.  Please tell the Postmaster General to stop discriminating against people who have disabilities!

Our house is located near a sharp curve on a very busy road where people often speed.  We’ve had to replace our mailbox a number of times because of cars crashing into it.  We cannot get to our mailbox without putting our lives in danger.  We’ve even had to jump in the ditch to avoid getting hit by cars.

Our disabled son cannot access the mailbox because it’s just too dangerous.  I wrote a nice letter to our postmaster general explaining our situation and requesting that we move our mailbox about 15 feet so that our disabled son can access it safely.

He ignored my letter.  He refused to return my phone calls.

In the meantime, I talked to our carrier who agreed that the mailbox was in a dangerous location and said she had no problem whatsoever with us moving it a few feet so that we can safely get to it.

Still no word from the postmaster general, so I move the mailbox and we are now able to safely access the box.  Problem solved, right?  No!

I call and attempt to speak to the postmaster general once again.  He refused to come to the phone, but tells the person who answered the phone to tell me he has denied my request to move the mailbox.  I tell the person to ask the postmaster to put his denial of our request in writing.  Of course, he never did.

We continued to receive our mail safely with the mailbox at the new location … just a few feet from where it was before … until this week.  No mail drop off and no mail pick up, even though the little red flag is raised.

My husband calls the post office to find out why we aren’t receiving our mail.  The postmaster says he decided to put a hold on all of our mail because he didn’t like where we put our mailbox.  He said he did not care that the carrier Ok’d the move.  His word was FINAL.  When my husband attempted to explain that our disabled son was risking his life to get the mail, the postmaster general HUNG UP THE PHONE!

My husband got off work early to go into the post office to get our mail (that is now being held hostage).  He tells the lady behind the counter to let the postmaster know that it is very rude of him to hang up on customers.

The postmaster was behind the door and apparently heard my husband say this and so he started walking toward my husband.  My husband told him, “You don’t just hang up when people are trying to talk to you.  That’s rude!”

The postmaster general then falsely accused my husband of having used profanity over the phone, to which he responded, “I did not use profanity. That is a LIE!” As hard as he could, the postmaster general then slammed the top half of the door in my husband’s face.

He then walked around behind the main counter and loudly told my husband that he was not allowed to get his mail.  In front of everyone in the lobby, he told my husband that we could not have our mail!

So, they won’t deliver mail to our house, nor will they allow us to pick up our mail at the office.

This is an outrage! What kind of public servant does this to taxpaying citizens?

Danni Bloom
Chapin, S.C.


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Danni – That sounds totally outrageous!  Even if this guy is not going to accommodate your request (which seems totally reasonable to me) there is no reason for him to pull a “power trip” like that.  Sad stuff … especially from an agency that has been bailed out to the tune of billions of tax dollars.  You know, my family lives on a busy street and our postal folks routinely bring the mail up to the house – without us even asking.  They are friendly and helpful.  How crazy is it that the people who are doing the work – who want to help – are prevented from doing so because of bureaucrats like this?  We’ve forwarded a link to this letter to the U.S. Postmaster.  We hope you and your family are able to get this situation resolved. 

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