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Family Court Judge: Social Conservative Leader Did Not Molest His Son




|| By FITSNEWS || A family court judge in Greenville, S.C. has determined there is no evidence to suggest embattled Upstate social conservative leader Joshua Kimbrell molested his son – and has permitted the activist and radio show host to see his child for the first time in nearly six months.

The findings of judge Harry L. Phillips, Jr. affirm a previous determination by the S.C. Department of Social Services (SCDSS) – which two-and-a-half months ago determined the allegations against Kimbrell were “unfounded.”

According to Phillips, Kimbrell’s son – three-year-old Tristan Kimbrell – did suffer abuse, however he described the nature of that abuse as a “mental injury.”  And get this – he says the abuse originated not from Kimbrell, but rather from his accuser (and ex-wife) Kacy Lyons Hatmaker.

Whoa …

Despite these developments, Upstate solicitor Walt Wilkins – nephew of powerful former U.S. ambassador and S.C. Speaker of the House David Wilkins – has yet to drop the child molestation charges filed against Kimbrell.

Why not?  Well … let’s just say there are political considerations at play.  Specifically, we’re referring to a fourth district congressional seat that may come open in the near future – one both Kimbrell and Wilkins reportedly have their eye on (the latter reportedly viewing it as a “stepping stone” to the S.C. governor’s mansion).

“Wonder what’s taking so long with that?” one Kimbrell ally asked sarcastically.

From the beginning of this drama, we’ve urged people to withhold judgment until all the facts came in.

“If Kimbrell is innocent, then his accuser is guilty of the most insidious character assassination we’ve ever seen,” we wrote early on in the case. “If he’s guilty, though, there is literally no punishment we view as too severe.”

Increasingly, it’s looking as though the former is the case …

S.C. governor Nikki Haley – who named Kimbrell to her 2014 “Faith and Family Coalition” – wasted little time in forming her opinion on the matter, though.  Quietly (and quickly) she scrubbed his name from her campaign website the day the story broke – eager to avoid a scandal less than three weeks away from the November 4 elections.

Other social conservatives stood by Kimbrell, though, saying such graphic accusations were “not uncommon” in protracted custody battles like the one between Kimbrell and his ex-wife.  In addition to the shock waves it sent across the Palmetto State, the Kimbrell case also drew national attention – with one fathers’ rights columnist weighing in all the way from California.

Anyway, we’ll continue to follow the case and let you know if there are any new developments …