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Steve Forbes Rips SC Phone Tax Hike




|| By FITSNEWS || Media executive and former presidential candidate Steve Forbes is ripping a piece of South Carolina legislation sponsored by a pair of liberal “Republican” Senators that would raise taxes on cell phone users to pay for a bailout of landline providers.

The legislation – S. 277 – is sponsored by liberal trial lawyer (and former Democratic U.S. Senate candidate) Brad Hutto.  But it’s also sponsored by left-leaning “Republican” State Senators Thomas Alexander and Luke Rankin.

The bill would add a new cell phone tax to an existing $40 million state tax (and $100 million federal tax) on landlines – money which would flow directly into the pockets of landline providers.

“Why should government impose a new tax on wireless consumers to subsidize companies providing decades-old technology that is in decline?” Forbes asked in a column posted this week in The Greenville (S.C.) News.  “Government policies should encourage innovation and competition, not reward companies whose business plans depend on taxpayer-funded handouts to maintain their profit margins.  Instead of doubling down on a government-imposed subsidy program that takes money from everyday people and gives it to companies, legislators should give taxpayers a break and stop S277.”

We agree … wholeheartedly.

“Government subsidies are not only unnecessary, they are counterproductive because they force taxpayers to sponsor products and services people are less interested in buying,” Forbes added.

Indeed …

Hutto, Alexander and Rankin are attempting to perpetuate the robbery of their citizens – who clearly cannot afford to be nickeled and dimed like this.  And for what? To reward a narrow special interest that is rapidly losing its competitive advantage … that’s what.

This isn’t just bad policy … it’s everything that’s wrong with government.

Here’s an idea …

In addition to rejecting this expansion of an unfair crony capitalist handout, state lawmakers should also file legislation that would rescind the existing $40 million annual theft.  In fact we’ll be looking to free market champions like S.C. Senators Tom Davis and Kevin Bryant to take the lead in blocking this tax hike – and restoring the money that’s being raided from the public trust.

S. 277