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Ukraine Doesn’t Like Its New American Leader



By FITSNEWS  ||  America is all about “making the world safe for democracy.” Unless of course those democracies choose leaders we don’t like, in which case we spearhead unconstitutional overthrows of their governments – like we did in Ukraine.

Wait … you thought that drama was all Vladimir Putin‘s fault?


Anyway America’s efforts to provoke a second Cold War in Europe haven’t gone according to plan, which means it’s time for the Washington, D.C. warmongers to step things up.  To wit: A U.S. citizen and former State Department official named Natalie Jaresko has just been naturalized and confirmed as one of three new foreign-born members of the Ukrainian government.

Her job?  Finance minister … but of course the U.S. State Department swears up and down it had nothing to do with her appointment.

Not everybody was thrilled with the decision to appoint Jaresko, though.  In fact it caused a brief fight on the floor of the Ukrainian parliament.

Take a look …

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USA!!! USA!!! USA!!!

No seriously … what could go wrong here?  Well … other than record debt, widespread joblessnessdeclining incomes, and perpetual war, among other things.

No wonder Ukraine is pissed!