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Thomas Ravenel Launches New TV Ad



By FITSNEWS || Ummm … where’s the music? Isn’t there always supposed to be moving, orchestral music wafting through the background of these spots?

More to the point … wasn’t Thomas Ravenel supposed to be an anti-interventionist?  But now he’s “fighting for our (military) bases?”

Yeah …

Is anybody else confused here? Oh well … it matters not.

Not everybody thinks Ravenel is flip-flopping, though.  One state lawmaker we spoke with defended his spot.

“Strengthening our military and not intervening are not mutually exclusive,” the lawmaker told us.  “I don’t see the flip.”

Guess it’s all a matter of emphasis …

“In South Carolina, (advocating for military bases) is huge,” the lawmaker added.  “I immediately thought Shaw Air Force base – which is always being threatened.”