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Vincent Sheheen Finally Clues In …




S.C. Democratic gubernatorial nominee Vincent Sheheen‘s 2014 campaign has been nothing short of a disaster … a case study in how NOT to run against a vulnerable incumbent (“Republican” Nikki Haley).

In fact Sheheen’s candidacy is only credible because a pair of non-establishment candidates – Libertarian Steve French and self-styled “independent Republican” Tom Ervin – have launched credible candidacies of their own.

Without them, he’d be nowhere …

Sheheen has, however, belatedly stumbled upon something resembling a legitimate criticism of Haley’s administration – specifically the bogus “welfare-to-work” claims made on behalf of her scandal-scarred Department of Social Services (SCDSS).

This website first began exposing the truth on this scam two years ago …

“Nikki Haley’s claims regarding jobs and welfare to work are not true, and new reports along with even more whistleblowers are surfacing each day to bring the truth to light,” Sheheen said this week. “She’s campaigning on the numbers that she and her staff manipulated to cover up the truth of her unethical behavior.”

Really?  Really …

FITS most recent report on Haley’s “welfare-to-work” lies can be found HERE, but we also did a big story on the issue back in 2012 after Haley’s go-to reporter – Seanna Adcox of the Associated Press – ran a piece regurgitating the governor’s misinformation.

To read that piece, click HERE.

Anyway, Sheheen has finally figured out that it’s not in his best interest to continue letting Haley brag about moving 20,000 South Carolinians from “welfare-to-work” when she didn’t actually do it.  So he’s finally challenging the numbers – and accusing Haley of enriching her campaign contributors in addition to manipulating government data.

Specifically, he’s referring to contracts awarded to a pair of private firms that donated to Haley’s campaign and to the Republican Governors Association – firms which later received taxpayer-funded contracts from SCDSS.