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2010 Buyer’s Remorse: Right Idea, Wrong Solution




A reader forwarded us this bumper sticker … a seven-word commentary on the 2010 South Carolina gubernatorial election, in which then-Tea Party favorite Nikki Haley nearly coughed up a commanding lead to Democratic nominee Vincent Sheheen.

Haley wound up winning by roughly 4 percent of the vote … bailed out by straight ticket voters in a GOP “wave” election.

After a disastrous first-term in office (even on the economy she loves to play pretend with), Haley is locked in another battle with Sheheen.  And the battle gets increasingly dicey for the incumbent “Republican” thanks to the presence of two non-establishment candidates – self-styled “independent Republican” Tom Ervin and Libertarian nominee Steve French.

Sheheen has run a terrible campaign – offering status quo ideas that differ only at the margins from the status quo ideas offered by Haley.  Moreover, the massive Medicaid expansion that Haley has presided over – socialized medicine growth that exceeds Medicaid expansion in Obamacare states – apparently isn’t enough for Sheheen.

He wants to add the Obamacare expansion on top of the massive growth Haley has supported …

Oh, and neither candidate has offered anything resembling real tax relief – or a plan to slow the growth of state government that’s contributing so mightily to our chronic backwardness.

So yeah … as much as “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For Sheheen” is a catchy bumper sticker, it’s not an accurate representation of reality.  Because the reality is Haley and Sheheen really aren’t as far apart on most of the big-ticket issues as you might imagine.

Accordingly, we’re encouraging our readers to look at the candidacies of Ervin and French – both of whom have embraced parental choice, income tax relief and other reforms we support. Unless of course the current trajectory of the Palmetto State is something you’d like to see continue …