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Darth Vader For President?




Star Wars ‘ villain Darth Vader – the fallen Jedi Knight and most infamous of the Sith Lords – is currently polling higher than any prospective candidate for the presidency of the United States.

According to a poll released by The New York Times‘  FiveThirtyEight website, Vader is viewed favorably by 58 percent of the country and unfavorably by 30 percent.

That gives him a plus-28 percent favorability rating – easily outdistancing Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton (who enjoys a plus-19 percent favorability spread).  In fact while Clinton has a major leg up on her “Republican” and Democratic rivals heading into the 2016 election cycle, her favorability rating is identical to that of infamous Star Wars’ bounty hunter Boba Fett.

Working in Clinton’s favor?  Vader and Boba Fett are fictional characters who cannot seek elected office.  Neither can Luke Skywalker (plus-91 favorability), Han Solo (plus-91 favorability or Princess Leia Organa (plus-89 favorability).

If they could, conventional political candidates would be dropping like Imperial All-Terrain Scout Transports tripping over Ewok booby traps.

Christopher Ingraham over at The Washington Post  has juxtaposed the data from with the latest Gallup ratings for likely 2016 candidates.

The result?  A must-see chart revealing that – among other insights – U.S. president Barack Obama is polling just two favorability points below Emperor Palpatine, Lord of the Sith.  And the U.S. Congress is polling 57 favorability points lower than Jar Jar Binks.

“Make of that what you will,” Ingraham notes, referring to Obama’s proximity to the Dark Lord.

Here’s the chart …

(Click to enlarge)

star wars

(Chart: Washington Post)

What do we make of this data?

It’s easy: People love Star Wars .  And hate their political leaders.  Sounds like a recipe for the creation of a benevolent free market dictatorship if we’ve ever heard one … you know, as long as we get to wear the Vader mask.

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