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The GOP Is Confused




This website gave up on the “Republican” Party a long time ago.  Its leaders are utter and complete frauds – distinguishable from Democrats only at the margins of America’s multi-trillion dollar debt, global interventionist foreign policy, incentivizing of dependency and entitlement and the ongoing assault on liberty.

“Republicans” like George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, John Boehner, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and many others are every bit as “big government” as the Democrats they assail – as evidenced by their ideological retreat every time the rubber meets the road with regard to reining in Washington, D.C.’s mindless and unsustainable growth.

Still, the GOP continues to pretend it is “different.”  And continues to tout (with mainstream media assistance) the fiction that there is some advantage to be had by supporting its candidates.

In fact the party demands loyalty … and guilt trips those who don’t provide it unflinchingly.

Take the fundraising appeal our founding editor recently received from GOP Treasurer Tony Parker, who clearly needs to scrub his list.

“Did you abandon the Republican Party?” Parker’s letter asks.  “Chairman (Reince) Priebus has written to you already this year asking you to contribute to the RNC and renew your membership.  But we haven’t received your financial support this year.”

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Ummmm … huh?

First of all, what sort of weak-willed person responds to such a letter? Second of all, the RNC has never  received financial support from Will Folks or any of his corporate entities.  Nor will it … ever.

Anyway, Parker continues to lay the guilt trip on … thick.

“Right now you are handing the advantage over to Democrats,” he writes.  “That’s exactly what President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid want you to do.  With committed Republicans like you sitting out in 2014, the Democrats are able to continue their liberal rampage on conservative principles.”

Again … huh?

Is he referring to the “liberal rampage” twenty-five so-called “Republican” Senators – including McCain and Graham – had a chance to stop dead in its tracks, but then voted to advance?

Yeah …

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The GOP is dead – the victim of repeated ideological betrayals of the principles it was founded on and continues to hypocritically proclaim.  Its establishment is no different than the Democrats, and if you don’t believe us take a look at what happened in Mississippi.

Seriously … where does purchasing Democratic support for liberal “Republicans” fit in with the RNC’s pledge to “step in, step up, and take back the Senate to regain Republican control in Washington?”

“Don’t turn your back on the Republican Party now,” Parker writes.

Too late, man … too late.

Oh, and we’re not alone.