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Germany Boots US Intelligence Chief



In the latest development related to the U.S. spy operation in Germany (which was approved by U.S. President Barack Obama), America’s once-close ally has expelled the top U.S. intelligence official.

“The representative of the U.S. intelligence services at the United States Embassy has been asked to leave Germany,” a statement from Berlin read. “The request occurred against the backdrop of the ongoing investigation by federal prosecutors as well as the questions that were posed months ago about the activities of U.S. intelligence agencies in Germany.  The government takes the matter very seriously.”

Wow …

Good for Germany … we’re glad they booted this guy out of the country, and we’re glad they rubbed America’s nose in it so the whole world can see just how the “land of the free” treats its allies.

Oh, and its own people …

According to reports published last fall in German magazine Der Spiegel, the National Security Agency (NSA) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) have been spying on German chancellor Angela Merkel and numerous other German leaders for years. In fact since 2008 they’ve been conducting this espionage from the rooftop of the new American Embassy building in Berlin.

Similar snooping has gone on in other nations, too.

It’s not just top officials the American government is spying on, either.  According to Spain’s El Mundo newspaper, the NSA monitored more than 60 million Spanish phone calls between December 2012 and January 2013.

Sixty million!

Hable tirania?

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