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Hot Car Deaths: Herd, Thinned




By Will Folks  ||  I have four children under the age of ten years.  And trust me … it is a royal pain in the ass taking all four of them inside a store for any duration of time – even when two  parents are presiding over the chaos.

They are the definition of buck wild. Cracked out.  Into everything.  Oh … and LOUD.

Frankly, I don’t know how my wife manages to take them anywhere by herself.  But she does … every day.

That’s why the rash of recent stories about kids dying because their parents left them in hot cars is so troubling.

Are people really that stupid?  Or that lazy?  Or both?

Yes, apparently …

At least fifteen children have died this year after being left in hot cars by their caretakers – and more than 600 have died due to “vehicular heat stroke” over the past fifteen years.  And yes, there’s a disproportionately high number of those deaths occurring in South Carolina.

Why is this happening?  Tiny bodies are more susceptible to extreme temperatures, overheating three to five times faster than adults.  When the thermostat hits 107 degrees, their organs start shutting down.

My solution?

Forget putting these “parents” in prison … let them experience what “vehicular heat stroke” is all about for themselves.

Maybe that way people will remember not to leave their kids in hot cars … as if that’s something any human being should have to be reminded of in the first place.