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Border Battle: What To Do?




U.S. President Barack Obama wants to spend $4 billion to deal with a surge of young immigrants on America’s southern border – a wave  of refugees fleeing the Mexican drug war.

“Republicans?” Once again, they’re divided as to how they should respond.

“I think it’s a charade,” U.S. Rep. Mick Mulvaney – a fiscal conservative lawmaker from South Carolina – told reporter Mike Lillis of The Hill . “I think the president has set it up to make it look as though the only reason he’s not enforcing the border is that he doesn’t have the money, and that’s not accurate.”

We agree …

Agreeing with Obama? U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham (of course), who told Lillis that if the GOP doesn’t cough up the money “we’re going to get blamed for perpetuating the problem.”

Really?  That’s his reason?

Earlier this week we learned our $4 trillion government is pretty sure it blows $100 billion (that’s right … billion ) each year in erroneous payments, which it referred to as a “clerical error.”

Seriously … and it can’t find $4 billion to do one of the only things the U.S. Constitution actually mandates?

We’re with Mulvaney on this one …

“Once again, Graham just wants to give Obama and the Dems what they want, yet the political result never seems to benefit conservatives,” one GOP activist told FITS.

Or anybody else, for that matter …

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