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Alan Wilson Responds To Controversial Bobby Harrell Ruling




S.C. Attorney General Alan Wilson called into the FITS home office this week to share his thoughts on the controversial ruling issued by S.C. circuit court judge Casey Manning in the Bobby Harrell public corruption case.

The ruling – which Manning may have issued under threat of blackmail – temporarily shuts down Wilson’s grand jury investigation of the powerful Speaker of the S.C. House of Representatives, who is facing a litany of corruption charges.

Who does Manning think should handle the case? The S.C. House “Ethics” Committee – which two years ago whitewashed a similar public corruption case involving S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley.

Wilson disagrees …

“There is absolutely no way this case will get a fair hearing in the S.C. House of Representatives,” he said.

And he’s absolutely right. In fact Manning’s ridiculous ruling effectively grants current and former state lawmakers de facto immunity from prosecution whenever they abuse their positions of public trust for personal gain.

What does Wilson think of such an infinitely corrupt arrangement? Not very much …

“This is really about the public – and the public’s trust in government,” he said. “And it’s just not there anymore.”

Wilson said his office is “absolutely” appealing Manning’s verdict.

“I am not going to take Judge Manning’s order as the final determination on what this office or the grand jury will do,” he said. “This is not the final determination.”

Harrell’s case will eventually go to the S.C. Supreme Court, although as this website has noted in all likelihood “the fix is in” at that venue as well seeing as Harrell recently rigged S.C. Chief Justice Jean Toal’s reelection to her post.

Is there anything Wilson can do beyond the Supreme Court? Like possibly referring the case to the feds, for example?

“There are quite a few avenues we can use to effectuate justice,” Wilson said. “There are plenty of tools in the toolbox and we are going to use every single one at our disposal. All options are on the table.”

Wilson added that no amount of political pressure would dissuade him from pursuing justice in the Harrell case.

“I believe in the long run right always wins,” he said. “It doesn’t always come in the time we want it, but right always wins.”

Let’s hope that’s true … South Carolina simply cannot afford to watch yet another lawbreaking politician go unpunished.