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Lee Bright: Sotomayor Slips … And So Does Lindsey



“Wise Latina” Support and Graham’s Sub 40 Poll Numbers

Justice Sonia Sotomayor slipped up this week and exposed herself as a race baiter in her official dissenting opinion in the Michigan case. Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham’s approval numbers continued to slip-slide in the Winthrop poll, diving below 40 per cent. Are the two stories related?

“Certainly the Michigan ruling had nothing to do with Graham’s approval problems in this particular poll,” said Lee Bright, the top challenger to Graham in the upcoming Senatorial Primary. “But his many foolish decisions, like supporting Sotomayor for the Court, are coming back to haunt Lindsey Graham. I think most of us in South Carolina knew from the start that this woman did not belong on the court. Her beliefs are alien to our principles. Then again, Lindsey Graham’s beliefs are now alien to our principles too – and that’s the problem.”

Michigan had extremist affirmative actions laws in their university system, and the Supreme Court affirmed a lower court decision to strike down that law by a 6-2 margin. Sotomayor and Ruth Ginsberg, known as the most radical liberal on the Court, dissented. Sotomayor called the ruling “out of touch with reality.”

Bright responded that “perhaps Lindsey Graham can now tell us who is out of touch with reality – he, Ruth Ginsberg and Sonia Sotomayor? Or us? Or maybe he will step up and admit that he made a terrible decision when he supported her nomination. But frankly, even if he did that, it doesn’t change the fact that he gets cowed by the liberals all the time now. This is now who he is.”

The Winthrop pollsters surmised that, unlike an earlier report by Politico, Graham does face a “battle ahead” since long-term incumbents normally find it impossible to improve approval ratings this late in the game.

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