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Common Core Faces Opposition In South Carolina



Academic standards imposed by the federal government have run into a “Republican” buzz saw in South Carolina … although it remains to be seen whether the SCGOP is serious about taking on “Common Core” or if this is just another “show fight” for gullible activists.

You know … like the “Fair Tax,” which is sponsored by majorities of both chambers of the S.C. General Assembly each year (yet never passes).

It also remains to be seen whether Palmetto State “Republicans” are serious about strengthening ever-shifting state standards for government-run schools … which have fallen behind the rest of the nation in recent years.

For those of you just catching up to this debate, “Common Core” is an ostensibly a “voluntary” and “state-driven” process of setting new academic benchmarks for America’s school children. In reality it is a massive federal overreach.

“New Common Core educational standards are being implemented in South Carolina and in 44 other states this year,” S.C. Sen. Larry Grooms wrote recently on his Facebook page. “Under the Common Core Initiative we abdicated our state’s responsibility to our children by giving unelected Washington bureaucrats the right to decide what is taught in our schools. A progressive liberal worldview permeates the Common Core standards which will now be used to indoctrinate our kids. We must stop the Common Core and restore educational responsibility to the states.”

We agree … and so does the S.C. Republican Party, which issued a resolution this week calling on lawmakers to “withdraw our state from the Common Core State Standards Initiative.”

Good … South Carolina should absolutely ditch any association with Common Core.  Its leaders should also get rid of the Education Oversight Commission (SCEOC), which administers social promotion on a widespread scale across the Palmetto State.

In fact S.C. Rep. Bakari Sellers (D-Bamberg) – a statewide candidate for lieutenant governor – has proposed doing away with this agency.

More fundamentally we view the debate over government-run accountability as entirely misplaced … because the only accountability with regard to academic achievement should be the accountability of the marketplace.

Ideally, government should have no role in that process …