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Chill, Trey Gowdy




Two weeks ago this website effusively praised U.S.  Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) for his efforts to hold Barack Obama’s rogue Internal Revenue Service (IRS) accountable. Obama’s IRS has engaged in pre-election political persecution of limited government groups – and Gowdy deserves credit for keeping up the heat on that front.

He deserves our derision, however, for sponsoring the so-called “Enforce the Law” bill … which aims to force U.S. President Barack Obama to sue states that have legalized Marijuana.

Wait … the same Obama who has dramatically stepped up medical marijuana raids (after saying he would stop them during his campaign)?

And the same states that are trying to tax pot to death?

Yup … and yup.

Anyway, from Raw Story …

A committee report submitted by (U.S. Rep. Bob) Goodlatte cited the Obama administration’s decision to not intervene with marijuana legalization efforts in various states as an example of executive overreach.

Huh? Overreach???

In what universe is NOT intervening considered overreach?

Oh right … Washington, D.C.

Astoundingly, this bill passed the U.S. House of Representatives on a largely party-line vote of 233-181. In fact it received the support of every member of the South Carolina GOP congressional delegation – including libertarian leaning Rep. Mark Sanford and staunch fiscal conservatives Jeff Duncan and Mick Mulvaney.

Sheesh …

We figured “Republican” hacks Joe Wilson and Tom Rice would support such nonsense … but Duncan, Mulvaney and Sanford? They are supposed to be true “limited government” conservatives.

The ongoing criminalization of marijuana is an affront to individual freedom and the free market. Citizens should be allowed to grow, sell, purchase and use pot if they choose to do so – free from the long arm of the law. And if states want to legalize marijuana for the purpose of taxing it in a manner consistent with other products, then the federal government shouldn’t stop them from doing so.

If South Carolina’s legislative delegation truly wishes to lead on pro-freedom, pro-free market policy – then its members need to embrace marijuana decriminalization in all fifty states.

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