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2016 Presidential Hate Index




So a new Washington Post-ABC News poll was just released which takes a look at the various candidates for president from an interesting vantage point … namely, the percentage of the electorate that will not vote for them.

Former U.S. First Lady/ Senator/ Secretary of State Hillary Clinton scored worse than we expected in the survey, with 37 percent of registered voters saying they would not vote for her (compared to only 25 percent who said they “definitely would vote for” her). Thirty-eight percent said they would consider voting for Clinton.

Still, Clinton’s “hate index” was lower than that of her main GOP rivals …

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appears to face the toughest challenge, with 30 percent of “Republican” voters already saying they would not vote for him (compared to 41 percent of all registered voters). Only seven percent of registered voters (and nine percent of “Republicans”) said they would definitely vote for Christie.

No contemplated “Republican” fared as poorly within his own party as Christie …

Another establishment GOP figure – former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush – did well among the GOP faithful but terribly in a hypothetical general election scenario, with 50 percent of registered voters saying they would not vote for him. Bush fares substantially better than Christie among the GOP faithful, though, with only 18 percent of “Republicans” falling into the “would not vote” category.

How did more pro-free market Republicans fare?

Eh … not so well. U.S. Sen. Rand Paul’s level of opposition in a hypothetical general election also stands at 41 percent among registered voters, while 39 percent said they “would not vote” for U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).  Meanwhile seventeen percent of “Republicans” said they wouldn’t vote for Paul, compared to 20 percent for Cruz.

Frankly, we’re shocked the numbers for all of these politicians aren’t higher …

Who do we like in 2016? Clearly it is far too early to tell … we like Paul and Cruz’s record on fiscal issues, but have been profoundly disappointed by several of Paul’s establishment endorsements (including support for GOP Senate leader Mitch McConnell and former “Republican” presidential nominee Mitt Romney).

Speaking of Romney, the socialized medicine backer was also polled by WaPo’s “hate index.” According to the results, he’s as toxic as Bush in a general election scenario – with 50 percent of registered voters saying they would not vote for him. Only 23 percent of “Republican” voters felt the same, though, and 34 percent of the GOP primary electorate actually said they “definitely” would vote for Romney.

Sheesh … “Republicans.”

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