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South Carolina Homes For Sale




Much to the chagrin of several gorgeous industry lobbyists, this website has been slicing and dicing America’s so-called “housing recovery.”

It was all fun and games, too …  until we had to go out and buy a new house ourselves (the result of our founding editor’s spontaneous decision to bolt the metropolis of Columbia, S.C. for more taxpayer-friendly climes).

Anyway … now we feel kinda bad for dropping all that doom and gloom on people’s heads. Not terrible, mind you – just a little bad. So … as penance …  we’re going to open up our pages in an effort to help people sell their homes (and yes, real estate agents who wear Jimmy Choos, Christian Louboutins and Manola Blahniks will absolutely receive preferential treatment).

What can we say? We’ve got an “unfair, imbalanced” rep to maintain …

Our first featured property? A lovely three-bedroom, two-bathroom brick home in Whitehall (230 Tram Road) packing 2,032 square feet that’s currently selling for $167,500.

This home – which went on the market last week – features a separate office, formal living and dining rooms, hardwood floors throughout, tiled bathrooms and a large, fully fenced-in backyard (with a shed for extra storage). It’s also got a nice screen porch – and is within walking distance of Seven Oaks Park.

And while we’re sure there are any number of websites you can use to pull up the address … we found it first on

Got a property you want us to “list?” Shoot us an email with the subject like “House for Sale.” Be sure to include a description of the listing including the standard details (address, square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, price, square footage, etc.) along with any other pertinent information prospective buyers would be interested in knowing. Also be sure to include a link to the web page that you feel best represents the property …

And obviously we were just kidding about that whole Choo/ Louboutin/ Blahnik thing … we’ll post submissions from anyone irrespective of their taste in footwear (well, unless its Merrells – we hate Merrells).