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SC Makes The Daily Show (Again)




The last few decades have seen an escalating federal involvement (and taxpayer investment) in the health care industry – which of course has resulted in higher costs and a less healthy population. Like everything government touches, its debatably good intentions have spawned bigger problems … and a ballooning deficit to go with them.

Naturally the far left wants to “fix” these problems by … you guessed it … dramatically ramping up federal involvement (and taxpayer investment) in health care.

Because it’s gotta work this time, right? Right?

Anyway …

Desperate to defend the increasingly unpopular, oft-delayed “Affordable Care Act” – which has demonstrably broken all of its most central promises (lowering deficits, reducing health care premiums, allowing people to keep their existing plans) – along comes¬†The Daily Show, Comedy Central’s far left faux news program.

And where better to fight a rear-guard, retreating action than South Carolina?

The piece purports to “explain the pitfalls of Medicaid expansion to those selfishly hoping for help with health care,” and stars S.C. Policy Council president Ashley Landess in the role of about-to-be-lampooned villainess.

Except Landess – to her credit – holds her own pretty well in this mockumentary-style report …

Take a look ….

Typically interview subjects on the “wrong” side of The Daily Show‘s decreasingly humorous, increasingly forced big government propaganda machine wind up getting sliced and diced … doing grave damage to the ideologies they advance.

Glad to see Landess represent both limited government and South Carolina well in the most hostile of venues …

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