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South Carolina Hates Divorces




South Carolina is no friend to divorce …

Apparently it isn’t a “family value.” You know … like marriage (or at least heterosexual marriage). Accordingly if you want to get divorced in the Palmetto State, you’d better be prepared to do some serious waiting.

How long? According to a recent report featured in The Huffington Post, the “minimum total processing time” for a divorce in South Carolina is 450 days – the fourth-longest stretch of time in the nation. This same report found the Palmetto State scored a 27 out of 100 when it came to “ease of filing” for divorce – also the fourth-worst ranking in America.

Why does it take so long to get a divorce here? Easy: Because the evangelicals who run this state abhor the practice – and do everything they can to discourage it in the name of “reconciliation.”

Jesus wants you to work it out, in other words …

Frankly, this website is sick unto death of this entire debate. As we’ve noted ad nauseam, marriage ought to be the exclusive purview of individual churches – not the government. Which, if you run things to their logical extension, means divorce should also be the exclusive purview of those same congregations.

Problem solved.

Until our esteemed leaders figure this out, though, South Carolina’s drawn-out divorce laws will continue to needlessly frustrate thousands of couples each year …

Anyway, courtesy of Mount Pleasant, S.C.-based McGrath Law Firm here’s a nifty infographic by artist Leanne Egan highlighting some additional data on the barriers to divorce erected by Palmetto Politicians.

Take a look …

Toughest Divorce State

(Graphic: Leanne Egan)