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Racist Black People




This website has been effusive in its praise of U.S. Sen. Tim Scott at times … and harshly critical of him at other times. We base that praise (or criticism) exclusively on Scott’s votes as a member of the U.S. Congress.

His race has nothing to do with it …

Or so we thought …

Scott’s skin pigmentation became an issue during a segment on MSNBC this week when anchor Craig Melvin – formerly of WIS TV 10 (NBC – Columbia, S.C.) questioned former Barack Obama health care advisor Anton Gunn.

First, Melvin quoted race-baiting S.C. Rep. Todd Rutherford – who said that “the color of (Scott’s) skin certainly is not representative of the way that he votes on the policies that he seems to side with.”


Scott was understandably indignant in response to Rutherford’s broadside, saying “the theory that there is some monolithic group of thinkers, called the black community, is not consistent with reality.”

Melvin’s take on all of this?

“Would Senator Scott’s election, would it come with an asterisk like Rutherford’s suggesting or seems to be suggesting here?” he asked Gunn.

Um … an asterisk?

Here’s the clip …

Good God … Melvin’s question is every bit as offensive than Rutherford’s initial comment. In fact it’s even more offensive because it comes from a professional journalist (someone who ought to know better).

“Would Mr. Melvin have asked Gunn the same question of Roland Burris, an African-American who was appointed to fill then-Senator Barack Obama’s Illinois Senate seat upon (his) election as president? Or does Melvin question the legitimacy of Scott’s Senate tenure because isn’t a Democrat?” the website NewsBusters asks.

Excellent questions …

Of course our founding editor was far more direct in his Twitter critique of Melvin’s question …

Whoa …

Again … we don’t always agree with Scott, but you better believe we will defend him against this sort of classless attack from the far left.

There really is no racism quite like the racism of blacks who go after other blacks for failing to fall in line, is there?

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