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USC Hates The Constitution




The University of South Carolina is ignoring a state law which requires it to offer courses on the United States Constitution and other founding documents – a law which provides for the removal of the school’s president in the event of non-compliance.

Of course USC President Harris Pastides is taking the law about as seriously as the federal government takes its founding documents – which is to say not at all.

According to The Daily Gamecock (in a story which has since been picked up by The Daily Caller), Pastides says he’s not following the law because it is antiquated.

And because it would be too expensive to implement.

“Without modernization, the strict application of (the statute) would create an academic logjam, delaying a student’s timely graduation and burdening the student and parent with additional tuition and costs,” Pastides wrote in a letter quoted by The Daily Gamecock.


So teaching students the U.S. Constitution involves the unacceptable incursion of student and parent expense … but USC can blow money on a colossally failed speculative real estate deal with no consequences?

Good to know …

Also, the last time we checked the statute Pastides refers to as antiquated was last updated in 1998 – which strikes us as a fairly “modern” application of law.

As usual, Pastides is 100 percent full of it …

Frankly, this whole exercise is ridiculous … and further evidence of the need to completely privatize South Carolina’s bloated, inefficient and corrupt system of higher education (which consumes a disproportionately high percentage of our state budget).

Bottom line: Colleges and universities shouldn’t be required to teach anything they don’t want to … and the only accountability they should be subject to is the accountability of the marketplace.

There should be no taxpayer subsidization of education at any level, as far as we’re concerned.

Having said that, we fully suspect members of the S.C. General Assembly (with a few exceptions) will completely ignore the fact that Pastides is completely ignoring their law … because what is South Carolina if not an ever-revolving circle jerk of ignorance.

Oh, and tuition increases …