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RE: Government-Run Charter School Problems

Dear Editor,

In January, Royal Live Oaks Academy (RLOA) was notified that the school’s contributions to state retirement accounts of several current and former employees appeared to be missing.

After investigating, the school found that the funds had not been deposited in a timely manner due to an administrative error. RLOA worked with the SCPCSD District Office and the Public Employment Benefit Authority (PEBA) to rectify the situation.

As of February 6, 2014, PEBA confirmed that all errors were corrected, and all contributions to the retirement accounts are up-to-date.

All future school contributions to retirement accounts will be published on a quarterly basis as directed by PEBA.


karen wicks

Karen Wicks
Executive Director/ Principal
Royal Live Oaks Academy of the Arts and Sciences


sic speaking

Karen … thanks for contacting us. Glad you guys got it all straightened out. Lovely pearl necklace, btw.