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The Great Toilet Seat Debate




Our founding editor received a stern rebuke this week from his wife – the lovely Mrs. Sic Willie – after committing perhaps the most common sin of omission any male can commit.

Yes, he left the toilet seat up …

Why is this such a big deal? The significance of it all defies us – and also our founding editor, who took to social media to offer the following observation.

“Ladies … it is a toilet seat, not the continental shelf,” he tweeted. “Not gonna kill you to put it down yourself every once in awhile.”

Oh boy …

Female readers were not amused.

“You have trash and the toilet seat … not that many tasks! Sheesh!” one exclaimed.

“Will, you seem to forget who makes the household rules,” another noted.  “If so, I’m sure (your) kids can fill you in on the hierarchy. You may not know who’s the boss, but the kids always do. I’m guessing they’d advise you to just put down the damn seat.”

Very true …

And that’s the essence of the toilet seat debate: Could there be a simpler task? One way or the other?

While he’s never maliciously left a toilet seat up before (has any man?), our founding editor would serve himself well by remembering to put the “damn” seats down around his house. This is especially true seeing as he is way off of the wrong end of the charts when it comes to several other annoying male habits (selective listening, total helplessness when sick, strewn laundry, excessive cup usage, etc.).

As for the rest of mankind … proceed at your own peril.

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