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S.C. Sen. Kevin Bryant says he’s done playing nice …

The Upstate Republican – one of only a handful in “that party” who adheres to its stated pro-free market ideology – announced at a recent meeting of the S.C. Senate’s powerful finance committee that he will place a minority report on every piece of tax credit legislation he sees.

Unless his colleagues take steps to make a recent parental choice provision part of permanent state law …

“I know that’s going nuclear but I’ve been patient for ten years,” Bryant tells FITS.

A minority report means a single Senator can effectively stop a bill in its tracks … unless the legislation is set for special order ¬†(i.e. placed at the top of the Senate calendar). Of course there are only a limited number of bills that can be set for special order, and as Bryant says¬†“those slots are hard to get.”

Good for him …

There are only a handful of pro-freedom, pro-free market lawmakers in state government … which is why it is next-to-impossible to pass meaningful reform legislation on any issue (least of all education, which has its own government-subsidized political attack machine waiting to pounce at the slightest threat to its monopoly on failure).

But that doesn’t mean lawmakers can’t use procedure to block other legislation …. which is exactly what Bryant is doing.

Again, good for him.

South Carolina’s limited parental choice program – which is restricted to children with exceptional needs – must be protected and expanded. Kudos to Bryant for going to the mat in an effort to get that done.

If only this same sort of leadership was to be found in the governor’s office …

Unfortunately, S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley has gone over to the dark side.