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S.C. Supreme Court Vote: Dueling Whip Counts




The upcoming battle for control of the S.C. Supreme Court is all the rage in Columbia, S.C. right now … which is probably the only time a duel between a pair of liberal geriatrics will be thusly described.

Editorially, we’ve washed our hands of the race between current chief justice Jean Toal and challenger Costa Pleicones, an associate justice on the court.  Why?  Because the two candidates are virtually indistinguishable in their left-of-center ideologies (which is probably why both are being backed by monied left-of-center special interests).

Typical South Carolina, in other words …

But just because we don’t care who wins doesn’t mean we haven’t been covering the race closely … (here, here and here). Speaking of we have obtained (hot off of the presses) both sides’ latest “whip counts” in this race.

Wait … “whip counts?”

Is this some sort of BDSM exercise? Lamentably no …

“Whip count” refers to the current choice (or lack thereof) of the 170 members of the S.C. General Assembly – who will decide the outcome of this race. You see in the Palmetto State, the most corrupt legislative branch in America not only elects judges – it chooses the candidates, one of the most ethically challenged exercises we’ve ever witnessed.

To win election, a judge (any judge, not just a Supreme Court justice) needs to get 86 votes – assuming all members of the legislature cast their ballot.

According to Pleicones supporters, he has 16 votes in the State Senate (with another six Senators leaning his way) and 51 votes in the S.C. House (with another 14 leaning his way). For those of you educated in South Carolina public schools, that’s a grand total of 87 votes – assuming all of the “leaners” break his way.

Pleicones supporters say in addition to the “leaners,” there are ten pure undecided votes in the State Senate and eight in the S.C. House – leaving Toal with the support of only ten Senators and 41 House members – and another four Senators and ten House members leaning her way.

Uh-oh …

According to the whip count provided by Toal backers, those numbers are “pure fiction.”

“She has thirty-five votes in the Senate,” one Toal supporter told FITS, “and over 100 total.”

Wow … somebody is going to wake up the morning after this election with some serious egg on their face.

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