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SC Supreme Court: A Totally Pointless Race




Over the last few days we’ve been bombarded with tips related to the ongoing battle between Jean Toal and Costa Pleicones – a pair of aging, left-of-center judges who are vying for the position of chief justice of the S.C. Supreme Court.

For those of you who care, this race is headed for a photo finish two weeks from now … with both Toal and Pleicones twisting every arm they can find in an effort to gain leverage in this battle of geriatrics.

And while the sitting chief justice, Toal, appeared to have things in hand earlier this week, sources tell FITS there has been some late movement toward Pleicones (who is favored by “conservative” members of the S.C. General Assembly).

“Lots of people are leaning toward Costa,” one S.C. House member told us.


We don’t care. And neither should you.

First (and most importantly), there is virtually no ideological distinction we can decipher between these two judges – meaning the outcome of this race isn’t going to change the liberal lean of this court one iota.  That’s only going to happen when so-called “Republicans” stop appointing liberals to the bench …

Second, the impetus for this race is personal – not philosophical. Pleicones is running against Toal because she lied to him about her plans to retire (thus depriving him of a brief tenure as chief justice).

It’s a spat, in other words. A grudge. One which has absolutely nothing to do with the issues facing our state.

And whichever judge wins, they’ll be facing a mandatory retirement well before their ten-year term is up (assuming they want their retirement benefits). Toal would have eighteen months before she hit that limit, while Pleicones would have approximately two-and-a-half years.

So … to all of those at the S.C. State House encouraging us to climb aboard the “Kill the Queen” bandwagon (a reference to Toal’s nickname, “Queen Jean”), we would simply say this: What makes you think her replacement will be any better?

Both of these judges are old. Both are liberal. And both have been acting like cheap whores over the last few weeks, prostrating themselves at the feet of ethically challenged state lawmakers eager to sell their influence to the highest bidder.  In fact this whole ugly episode is precisely why we believe judges at all levels in South Carolina should be appointed by the state’s governor, not elected by its legislature.

The S.C. General Assembly is simply too corrupt to be trusted with such responsibility …

So there … we said it. We don’t care who the next S.C. Supreme Court chief justice is, and neither should you. It just doesn’t matter.