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We had to snicker when a group of so-called “Republicans” in the S.C. General Assembly called us this week to let us know Costa Pleicones was the “clear conservative choice” in the upcoming race for chief justice of the S.C. Supreme Court.

And that we should support his bid …

Really? Last time we checked Pleicones was no different than current chief justice Jean Toal ideologically … which is the main reason we have washed our hands of this petty personal face-off.

Look, we get that others have (very) strong opinions on the matter … and vested interests … but we just can’t get exercised over a battle between two geriatric liberal judges.

Anyway …

One of the points we raised by way of responding to these lawmakers was to point them in the direction of the two politicos leading Pleicones’ campaign at the S.C. State House – uber-liberal lobbyist Dwight Drake (a former Democratic gubernatorial candidate) and Dick Harpootlian (the sharp-tongued former chairman of the S.C. Democratic Party).

Obviously that’s better than using a government-funded lobbyist to corral votes … but seriously, how does picking two of the Palmetto State’s far left luminaries to run your campaign make you the “clear conservative choice?”

Again … this whole race is pointless.

UPDATE: Dueling “whip counts” in the race …