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USC-Upstate Targeted By Social Conservatives



While this website has consistently supported gay rights, we oppose using taxpayer funding to propagandize for their advancement.  Of course we oppose the use of tax dollars to advance any ideology.

That’s why we’ve been calling out the University of South Carolina Upstate and other government-run institutions of higher learning in the Palmetto State – which continue to spend public funds on such propaganda.

Now one prominent religious leader – pastor Mike Hamlet of the First Baptist Church of North Spartanburg (a.k.a. “First North“) – has apparently had enough. Hamlet wants USC-Upstate to develop alternative programs for incoming freshmen based on Christian values, and he’s enlisted the support of several social conservative “Republican” lawmakers to assist him.

Among them? Opportunistic S.C. Reps. Rita Allison, Mike Forrester and Eddie Tallon.

USC-Upstate leaders are pushing back against this pressure, effectively telling these lawmakers to butt out of the school’s operations.

Great …

This is going to wind up being just like the “abstinence versus safe sex” debate … in which government subsidizes propaganda for both sides of the issue.

Frankly, all of this nonsense could be avoided if lawmakers simply got out of the higher education business – a market they never should have entered in the first place. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, but if government-funded institutions were permitted to pursue their destinies in the private sector – it would be up to the marketplace to determine the appropriateness (or inappropriateness) of their offerings.

Forcing taxpayers to pay for pro-gay propaganda – or pro-Christian propaganda – is just wrong.

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