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It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (Again)



An object as large as the sun is hurtling toward the planet earth on the wings of a comet – with the date of our planet’s demise now firmly set for December 26, 2013.

Talk about a Christmas hangover … not to mention a major dent in college bowl season.

Anyway, after wiping egg off their faces following the Mayan Non-Apocalypse of 2012, Doomsdayers are back again with the Nibiru prophecy – which has its roots in ancient Babylonian and Sumerian mythology.

The latest manifestation of this theory holds that Niburu – planetary home of the Anunnaki (a.k.a. Sumerian Gods) – has been photographed by the U.S. Military’s Sun Earth Connection Coronal and Heliospheric Investigation (SECCHI).

The SECCHI images – taken last week – show a massive anomaly (a.k.a. “artifact”) which appears to be planetary in nature lurking just behind the comet ISON, which is due to pass 39.9 million miles from earth the day after Christmas.

Take a look …

(Click to enlarge)


(Pic via Sechhi)

Meanwhile here’s a .gif file of the anomaly …

(Click to play)


(Pic via AstroDanMan)

At this point it’s worth noting conspiracy theorists don’t believe ISON is even a comet, they think it’s a giant alien spaceship – and allege it has made several “course corrections” on its path toward earth.

Astronomers debunk that theory, though.

According to experts, “Nibiru” is really nothing more than a “lens flare” from the Pleiades star cluster – which is located approximately 135 parsecs from earth in the Taurus constellation. Or at least that’s what Sheldon Cooper told us …

Anyway, lens flares occur when images are overexposed (or not adjusted to account for light sources). They’re pretty common in satellite imaging. For those of us grounded to this terrestrial sphere, here’s a more a conventional example of one …

(Click to enlarge)

lens flare

(Pic via)

In other words, we’re probably not looking at a sun-sized planet bent on destroying humanity in a little over three weeks. Nor are we looking at an alien spaceship portending its imminent arrival.

Look, we get conspiracy theories. It’s a crazy world, and in addition to bankrupting us and stealing our liberties, our governments foment the craziness by flat out lying to us on a daily basis.

Hell, lots of people think FITS is a conspiracy website …

Unlike some people, though, we don’t think civilization will get “Nibiru’d” the day after Christmas … although based on its current trajectory we should be so lucky if that were the case.

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