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GOP Schism Hits South Carolina



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We wrote a column last month about the ongoing civil war within the “Republican” party – focusing on how certain members of the GOP establishment don’t tolerate dissent.

Or pro-free market, pro-liberty views …

This view was lent fresh expression this week in socially conservative Greenville, S.C., where three members of the local Republican party decided enough was enough and submitted their letters of resignation.

“They don’t want unity, they want uniformity,” Harry Kibler, one of the former members, told The Greenville News. “They want us to conform to some version of what they believe is conservatism and I’m just not willing to go along with that.”

According to Kibler, the final straw came last month when the GOP decided to target members of the party who opposed a local tax hike.

Because in South Carolina (as in Washington, D.C.), Republicans are for raising taxes and growing government.

Kudos to Kibler and his compatriots. Although the realization that the GOP is hopelessly hypocritical (and irredeemable) should have come to them some time ago.

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