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Pushback Against Greenville SC Tax Hike



Richland County, S.C. isn’t the only local government in the Palmetto State pushing a tax hike in this off-year (read: low participation) November election.

In “conservative” Greenville, S.C., county council members are pushing a $65 million a year increase in the sales tax (ostensibly to fund repairs to the county’s roads and bridges). Yeah … apparently the massive $700 million borrowing binge at the state level wasn’t enough to fix the “problem.”

Anyway … a group of concerned citizens in Greenville is protesting this tax hike, staging rallies and running a nice ad that makes the case against the proposed levy.

“This referendum will cost the average family of two $300 a year,” the ad’s narrator states. “That’s a month of groceries, a car payment, even money you plan to spend on holiday gifts.

For a local race this spot – paid for by No Tax Hike SC – is pretty good.

Take a look …

(Click to play)

We wholeheartedly support this group’s efforts … Greenville taxpayers shouldn’t be forced to shell out $300 more each year simply because Palmetto politicians can’t say no to new transportation boondoggles.

Unlike pure cops and courts libertarians, we believe roads and bridges are a core function of government – and there is more than enough tax money available in South Carolina to provide for their maintenance and expansion.

The problem? Government at all levels spends too much money on totally unnecessary functions – and the money it does appropriate to infrastructure often goes to totally unnecessary projects.

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