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Letter: Graham Wrong To Oppose Sequester



Dear Editor,

This morning on Face The Nation, Sen. Lindsey Graham said he wanted to end sequestration.

Is he crazy???

This is the best program for keeping expenses down — it has actually reduced the deficit. It is the one piece of legislation that Obama would like to get rid of. It’s the one piece of legislation that places constraints on Obama’s runaway spending.

Shame on Lindsey Graham — what he said about getting rid of sequestration does not represent the views of the people of his state. I hope Lindsey Graham gets taken out in the GOP primary—he deserves to be GONE.



sic speaking

At last count the sequester “cuts” – part of the 2011 debt deal – amounted to roughly $42 billion out of a nearly $4 trillion budget. In other words they are far less significant than some would have you believe. Still, we support leaving them in place.

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